Capturing light, crafting words. Sentence Worthy is a joint project between Tori Dayton and Brandon Rozek. By using two means of expression, pictures and words, Tori and Brandon each contribute an independent yet indivisible part of the post. Brandon captures the light and Tori crafts the words. By bringing these two together, they hope to evoke a deep emotional reaction from their visitors.

In her free time, Tori likes to read, write poetry and short stories, and experiment with different genres. She is a full time feminist and is attempting to enter the world of spoken word performance.

In his free time, Brandon is constantly trying to better his current, and numerous, projects, as well as create new ones. Whenever he doesn’t feel like being a perfectionist, he goes on walks to take pictures and sword fight with his buddies.

Combining both of their biggest talents, they hope to produce a website where they can show you, the visitor, the power of a handful of words and one picture. Because as you know, every picture is worth a sentence.